Philanto Wellness Has Emerged As One Of India’s Most Esteemed Pharmaceutical Companies, And We Take Immense Pride In Our Contribution To Better Health And Improved Lives.

⦿ 1000 + Molecules Approved

⦿ 4 Divisions

⦿ 20 Years Experience

⦿ 2000 + Happy Customers

⦿ 1000 + Molecules Approved

⦿ 4 Divisions

⦿ 20 Years Experience

⦿ 2000 + Happy Customers

third party manufacturing

Crafting the Evolution of Third Party Pharma Manufacturing

Philanto Wellness has emerged as one of India’s most esteemed pharmaceutical companies, specializing in third party manufacturing, and we take immense pride in our contribution to better health and improved lives. Our relentless commitment to delivering superior products has made us a trusted name in the industry. Our core focus is on ensuring top-notch quality in every aspect of our custom formulations. At Philanto Wellness, our mission revolves around conducting groundbreaking research, developing innovative formulations, engaging in third-party manufacturing, and successfully marketing them to alleviate diseases, alleviate suffering, and elevate the overall quality of life.

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    Our Expertise

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    Our organization boasts 15 cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, each fully equipped to produce pharmaceutical formulations in a wide range of dosage forms and therapeutic categories.

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    Additionally, our commitment to quality extends to Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) through extensive research and development. We ensure the production of high-quality products.

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    We offer top-notch dietary supplements to a wide range of market segments, including both chronic and preventative care. Our approach harnesses the potential of natural solutions and incorporates.

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    Our commitment to quality is underpinned by well-researched formulations and the use of cruelty-free testing methods in the development of hair care, skincare, and personal care items.


    Third Party Manufacturing

    Third party pharma manufacturing is a process in which pharmaceutical companies outsource the production of their drugs and medicines to  third-party manufacturers. This process helps pharmaceutical companies to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and focus on their core competencies. It also helps them to meet the increasing demand for drugs and medicines in the market.

    Philanto Wellness has built a strong reputation in the health and wellness industry by offering a diverse range of high-quality products, from dietary supplements to personal care items. They have achieved this by forging strategic partnerships with trusted third party manufacturers. 

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    Why Choose Us Philanto Wellness For Third Party Manufacturing

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    Cutting-edge and globally renowned production facilities

    ISO, WHO-GMP Certified manufacturing Unit

    we hold top-quality certifications and export accreditations.

    our backward integration process ensures both quality and efficiency.

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    third party manufacturing in pharma its benefits

    The pharmaceutical industry continuously seeks to streamline its operations and focus on its core competencies such as drug discovery and sales. One efficient way to achieve this is through Third Party Manufacturing - a strategy that many companies are increasingly adopting due to its many advantages.

    Cost Efficiency and Focus Scalability and Flexibility
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